A Bright Future

We are one month into the new financial year and progressively moving to a future where, as FrontierSI, we will build on our track record of successful research outcomes.

We are transforming to a more partner focussed organisation which develops, brokers, manages and delivers user-led applied collaborative spatial research initiatives. It’s as busy as ever! Our first month has been an exciting one; signing up partners, creating new governance structures, working with a new board, setting new agile research directions and developing new collaborative initiatives.

I am very pleased to announce we have 25 partners on board.  Our core partners are NSW Spatial Services (through the Department of Financial Services), Geoscience Australia, Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Queensland University of Technology, Curtin University, RMIT University and University of Canterbury. Our support partners include Western Australia Department of Health, Victorian Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning, and the University of New South Wales.

Importantly we have signed a very strong and engaged group of industry partners who have been with us for a long time. I am delighted to say our partnerships will continue with NGIS Australia, Spatial Vision, InsightGIS, Mercury Project Solutions, Position Partners, Fugro, PSMA, VPAC, Omnilink, Thinkspatial, Photomapping Services, e-Spatial, Alexander Symonds, Spookfish and GHD.

We are in the midst of signing several other partners and I look forward to announcing these in the coming weeks.

Our new FrontierSI Board met for the first time at the start of August. They approved our new business plan and provided starting directions for our refocussed governance, partner engagement and research processes.  We will complete a series of strategy sessions over the next few months and this will signal the roll-out of a series of new research initiatives.

The future for FrontierSI is bright.

We have committed partners and the number of large initiatives before us is greater than ever. The impact of spatial information on our daily lives is more pervasive than ever. It is increasing and moving well beyond the traditional spatial industries. The need for connections between (and within) industry, government and universities has never been more acute with all sectors seeking ways to connect to improve the way they do business. The ability to combine multidisciplinary approaches to applied research, industry engagement and innovation, together with sourcing the right expertise, and being easy to do business with, is highly valued. With all this before us, we intend to remain as the preferred spatial research organisation for our partners to competently tackle the large and complex spatial research challenges faced by Australia and New Zealand.

Graeme Kernich

CEO | FrontierSI