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Welcome and thank you for showing interest in this exciting FrontierSI project, on behalf of, and in collaboration with, the SmartSatCRC and CSIRO.

We are seeking to speak with colleagues working with water issues in Australia, in the context of Earth observation technologies including satellite imagery and supplemented by in-situ monitoring systems. Specifically, we are interested in talking to people working across a wide range of water-related areas and issues, whether these relate to water bodies, waterways, coastal waters or any combination of these, and with water quantity, quality, or other aspects of water.

This project aims to identify and prioritise interest in a set of problem areas spanning current and emerging issues with water use and human interactions with water resources in Australia. It also aims to prompt consideration of how Earth observation technologies can best be utilised, today and in the future, to help address the prediction or early detection, monitoring and management of some of these problems. Ultimately, the result of the project will support the SmartSatCRC and the CSIRO in their future planning of investments for the Australian space technology and Earth observation industries, and inform the AquaWatch Australia initiative.

As someone who has experience in the water sector, we were hoping to have the opportunity to speak with you about your perspective on current and future challenges in water and/or water-related issues. This may take the form of a brief 15-minute conversation; or if you are interested and commit more time, we will be facilitating a series of short online workshops to garner a deeper understanding of the water-related challenges where Earth observation could potentially be part of the solution. The primary water themes we are considering include:

  • Water and the environment
  • Water in society
  • Water as a commodity
  • Water in country.

As initial support, we would appreciate no more than 2-minutes of your time completing a brief survey to assist us with this work. You can also download a PDF of water areas and their descriptions here.

Click here to start the survey.

Thank you once again for your support and should you have any questions pertaining to this project, feel free to contact Roshni Sharma at

FrontierSI is a not-for-profit company that exists to deliver major benefits to governments, industry, the research sector and the community in Australia and New Zealand using our deep expertise in spatial mapping, infrastructures, positioning, geodesy, analytics and standards. We are committed to asking how spatial information can be better used to understand what is happening around us. In collaboration with our partners, we have transformed research outcomes into meaningful changes across a wide range of areas in environment, agriculture, defence, health, smart cities and climate change resilience.

The SmartSat CRC is a consortium of universities and other research organisations, partnered with industry that has been funded by the Australian Government to develop know-how and technologies in advanced telecommunications and IoT connectivity, intelligent satellite systems and Earth observation next generation data services. The impact of this research will be to develop intellectual property and a specialist industry expertise that will spawn new businesses, create export economic value and generate new high-tech jobs for all Australians.

As Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO is uniquely placed to  solve the greatest challenges using innovative science and technology. CSIRO have a long and successful history in the space sector from tracking space missions such as the historic Apollo mission Moon landing, managing complex facilities, undertaking ground breaking radio astronomy research, monitoring landscapes through Earth observation and developing technical solutions including analytics, tools and applications to inform and manage environmental challenges through world-class science.