Digital Earth Australia & FrontierSI ‘Extracting the Benefits of Earth Observation’ – Mining & METS

Australia’s mining and Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector is rapidly accelerating towards its Industry 4.0 objectives of digital transformation and automation.


The opportunities for satellite data to drive growth and improvement within Australia’s mining sector are expansive – in automation, efficiency, safety, environmental management, and ultimately profitability, its potential is significant – but so is the knowledge and familiarity gap between technology providers and potential mining users.

Earth observation (EO) technology and insights will play an essential role in this evolution, and increased adoption of EO data and services within the sector raises both opportunities and challenges. The Digital Earth Australia and The Mining and METS Industries: extracting the benefits of Earth observation report aims to identify the mining and METS sector’s critical business problems, its operational lifecycle, and its diverse user groups — informing both technology and mining companies of how EO can drive innovation in the sector.

Three significant challenges have been identified in increasing the uptake of EO products and services within the mining and METS sector, namely a lack of:

  • user maturity and confidence in the usability and accuracy of EO data
  • understanding about the limitations of EO and its impact on downstream processes
  • a clear value proposition, communicating how EO can reduce risk and increase productivity.

This crucial report reflects insights sourced from industry research, interviews, focus groups, conferences, and workshops conducted over 2020. It was funded by DEA and published in 2021. It is one step closer in bridging this gap, and in encouraging both mining and Earth observation professionals to consider exploring new territories.

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