Participating in a Voyage of Discovery

Thursday 26 September 2019

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent announcement of a deal between US space agency, NASA, and the Australian Space Agency (ASA) has been welcomed by FrontierSI who recently signed a Strategic Statement of Intent and Cooperation with ASA.

The Australian Space Agency and FrontierSI share the goal of developing a globally respected Australian space industry with the primary objective of working together to deliver the benefits for Australians which will flow from the advancement of the space and spatial sectors. The Agreement between NASA and ASA means that Australia now has access to a vast database of space-related data and information which will benefit Australian industry.

FrontierSI plays a critical role in making the information from space usable for downstream industry sectors including agriculture, health, mining, built infrastructure, transport, energy, defence and the environment, with a single-minded focus on collaboration.

The Australian Space Agency, has committed to partnering with Australian business and believes that FrontierSI’s collaboration model, together with its focus on developing downstream markets for space derived information services, align with many of the objectives and priorities outlined in the Australian Civil Space Strategy, particularly supporting next generation positioning, navigation and timing infrastructure and Earth observation services.

The Federal Government’s $150 million commitment to Australian space research and development gives the Australian Space Agency the opportunity to play a critical role in local space research and exploration and is a strong sign that the government is committed to investing in the future of the Australian space industry.

FrontierSI has a long history of commitment to this sector and welcomes this new era of collaboration between the Australian and US space agencies. It will enable Australian industry to develop new services that integrate current, emerging and future space and spatial data innovations.

For more information about the signing of the Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation between FrontierSI and the Australian Space Agency, visit