DELWP Vicmap Product Roadmap

Developing a roadmap for the foundation spatial datasets and other key business spatial datasets in support of a refresh of the DELWP core spatial data services strategy

The Challenge

The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is the owner of Vicmap: Victoria’s authoritative and topographic themed foundational spatial portfolio. DELWP developed a vision for Vicmap which highlights the future needs of data integration and increased interoperability with other spatial portfolios, services and non-spatial data, to better support the current and future needs of customers. In early 2018 DELWP also published its Core Spatial Data Services (CSDS) Strategy 2018 – 2023 which has progressed and requires further detail in terms of customers future needs in areas such as 3D features, 4D building updates, digital twins, space technology, integrated environmental reporting and change detection. This project worked with DELWP’s CSDS strategy and the Vicmap vision to develop preliminary Spatial Data Services Roadmaps for Victoria’s Vicmap products plus key additional spatial datasets.


The project partner was the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The Solution 

The project involved industry and stakeholder engagement via phone interviews to rapidly understand perceptions, barriers, opportunities and recommendations from a wide but shallow pool of contacts. This allowed the team to understand the key issues that required deeper investigation through the other consultation activities. The next stage of consultation was interviewing internal DELWP stakeholders for strategic input into the plan. The final stage of engagement before producing the draft roadmaps was to attend DELWP organised meetings and forums, and undertake a targeted dynamic, group work-based workshop with major and influential stakeholder groups, to develop key insights to feed into the strategic plan.

The engagement enabled delivery of a summary of emerging risks and opportunities for spatial data in Victoria including current state and maturity, strengths and weaknesses, future use cases, a target future state, timeframes and the steps required to get there for each spatial dataset. This information was then drawn together to produce a draft roadmap for each dataset. Each draft roadmap covers the themes of supply, enrichment, maintenance, product delivery and people. Within each theme the roadmaps highlight the requirements of modernisation, future capabilities, future proofing, collaboration and engagement, and analysis ready data delivery. The datasets for which roadmaps have been drafted are:

  • The overall dataset portfolio
  • Address
  • Administration
  • Built environment
  • Elevation
  • Features of interest
  • Hydro
  • Imagery
  • Property
  • Transport

Currently, 75% of all Vicmap data is based on late 20th century topographic mapping requirements. By Vicmap becoming the future-ready, spatial data source of choice for Victoria by 2023, it will enable Vicmap customers to:

  • Generate economic growth
    • Supports better, data-driven decision making that supports Victoria’s economy and encourages new jobs through innovation.
    • Potential growth areas include optimised real-time decisions, virtual inspection anywhere and anytime, change detection, forensic analysis, historical insights, powerful predictions and scenario modelling.
  • Create public value
    • Strengthens the capability to make better data-driven decisions.
    • Provides a best practice model for necessary digital transformation disruption created by COVID-19.
    • Integrates within government at every level and aligns with legislation.
  • Enables greater safety
    • Underpins the information necessary for emergency services to do their job.
    • Provides critical insights for public health services locally, nationally and globally to map pandemic hotspots.

DELWP are currently reviewing the outcomes of the project to further define and influence the future direction of Vicmap and finalise the roadmaps. The next steps for the process are to:

  • Define
    • Refresh Vicmap’s brand and shared understating of what Vicmap does and delivers.
  • Discover
    • Placing customers at the centre, explore how these Roadmaps will land through active consultation and engagement.
  • Action
    • Develop action plans based on roadmaps, prioritising themes for upgrades.

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