Support an inspirational geospatial warrior create impact for workforce and climate resilience

July 27, 2023

Our own Roshni Sharma has been selected as one of 80 women globally to travel to Antarctica as part of the fifth Homeward Bound program this November. She is crowdfunding to support her journey – could you donate $20 to support her?

Through this unique transformational Women in STEMM leadership program, Roshni will experience first-hand the way Earth’s complex systems respond to climate change within one of the most sensitive parts of the planet.

She hopes to take this inspiration to fuel her life’s purpose even further –harnessing location intelligence to create tangible positive change for society, generate real traction around sustainability and leverage tech for good.

Why Antarctica? Antarctica is one of the few last places on the planet that remains ‘untouched’ by humanity, and yet we all know of the ice sheets which are melting and the habitat that is being lost.

By travelling to Antarctica, Roshni will experience something not easily accessible elsewhere – the sheer power and beauty of nature in one of the last few places relatively unmarked by human civilisation.

However, the interconnected nature of Earth’s ecosystem means that the impacts of climate change are being felt even in these remote regions – with some of the most profound changes occurring in Antarctica.

During her travels, Roshni will have the rare opportunity to experience the Southern Ocean and understand its role in the climate system, which provides critical insights into global-scale change, and the influence of human activities on environmental change.

Show your support for Roshni at her Chuffed campaign page. If you’re able to share her journey on LinkedIn, or with a friend, it would be greatly appreciated.