Implementing Innovative Space and Spatial Solutions

FrontierSI provides the connection point and collaborative model for our partners to access, develop and apply space and spatial research development and innovation project outcomes into impactful solutions. We provide our partners with the research services, expertise and technology to improve operations and implement innovative solutions.

Our services and capabilities include Project Facilitation, Collaborative Applied Research, Advisory Services, Industry Engagement and Outreach, Technology Development, and Professional Training.

We have 20 years of experience in creating and managing collaborative teams of academic, private sector and government professionals to solve challenging innovation and R&D space and spatial problems of varying scales. We help to breakdown organisational, jurisdictional, and technology silos to deliver results and realise value for all project stakeholders. We have staff accredited in a variety of project management approaches to ensure that the right approach is used for each problem. Often these are large scale, complex, multi-jurisdictional initiatives. Our projects range from deep technical research through to proof-of-concepts and demonstrators.

To learn more about what we do and what our partners have to say, view the short video below. For all enquiries or to start the dialogue, connect with us here.

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Research and Advice

The power of where is growing rapidly. That is why we are committed to asking how space and spatial information can be better used to understand what is happening around us. In collaboration with our partners, we have transformed research outcomes into meaningful changes across agriculture, defence, health, smart cities and climate change resilience.

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Find out where we are, what we do and who we collaborate with. Our team draws on over 19 years of experience and our extensive expert network connects you with key Australian and New Zealand government, industry and academic leaders.

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