FrontierSI & Space


Space technology and derived services benefit all Australians and underpin all areas of the economy.

FrontierSI collaborates with government, industry and universities to create space and spatial technologies that improve industry productivity including service delivery of government, in turn strengthening and promoting the growth of the Australian space sector, nationally and internationally. We have a unique understanding of end user needs and are situated at the intersection of space innovation: closing the loop between user needs and cutting-edge research ideas, whilst helping our partners and collaborators bring those to fruition.

Our Place

  • We occupy a unique position to connect the space and spatial sectors, leveraging our partners’ expertise in downstream space-related technologies and market growth capability
  • Our application market focus includes: transport, resources, planning, construction, natural resources, defence, utilities, agriculture, health, and government services
  • Our areas of focus and activity directly respond to the Australian Space Agency Civil Strategy Priorities

Our work is helping to:

  • Drive the Creation of Value-added Services Leveraging Earth Observation and Analytics
  • Create the next generation Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Infrastructures
  • Demonstrate the value of Communication Services and Technologies
  • Increase of National Industry Capability and Market Growth
  • Inspire and build the future workforce

Our core capability is in the provision of coordination and technical leadership, with a focus on the space downstream.

Our space service offer includes:

  • End-user Driven Mission Ideation
  • Technology Demonstrators
  • Training and Education
  • Industry Engagement and Strategy Development
  • Advisory Services

Our Projects

Earth Observation

AquaWatch Mission: Capability Demonstrator Lead supporting SmartSatCRC, AusCalVal Report: “Cal/Val Space Bridge: An Earth Observation Partnership” under the Australia-UK Space Bridge, Digital Earth Australia (DEA) Industry Strategy and Market Studies, DE Africa Innovation and Education Support, and AGO Industry Labs Innovation Program

Positioning Navigation and Timing

SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) Testbed coordination / Economic Benefits Analysis with  GA/LINZ, Ongoing Research/Technical Support with Operational Procurement (GA/LINZ), Ginan/NPIC R&D, and Precision Timing for Space Based Applications – Utilisation Study (SmartSatCRC)

Communications Technologies and Services

SIGWATER – IoT Satcoms PoC for ground water monitoring (SmartSatCRC) and 5G Precise Positioning Testbed – Demonstrating economic benefits of 5G

Industry Engagement and Strategy Development

Victorian Space Sector Activation (SmartSatCRC) and 2030 Space and Spatial Industry Roadmap

Our Partners and Collaborators

  1. Australian Space Agency – Signed Joint Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation
  2. Earth Observation Australia – Member
  3. European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) – MOU Strategic relationship
  4. Group on Earth Observations – Participating Organisation
  5. Open Geospatial Consortium – MOU & OGC member
  6. SmartSatCRC – Core Participant
  7. Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) – Member
  8. 2030 Space and Spatial Industry Roadmap – Steering Committee & Working Group participant
  9. UNGGIM (United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management) Private Sector Network – Founding Member


Image Credit: UNSW Canberra Space: M2 Mission: the third mission under the Royal Australian Air Force and UNSW Canberra Space research agreement, equipped with advanced radios and optical telescopes to gather remote sensing information, in particular to demonstrate maritime surveillance capabilities. M2 satellites are depicted in the image in formation flying, achieving a major goal in this mission with both satellites flying together!