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Earth Observation Analytics Solutions: Know the Market to Grow the Market.   

The Challenge

Earth observation (EO) technology is evolving rapidly, and increasingly being utilised operationally by end users in application markets. This is in part thanks to the advances in powerful analytics which are creating an exciting future for the sector. However, the companies responsible for communicating the benefits of EO, and creating new products and services for their customers, are often too scientifically or narrowly focused in their thinking when translating the value of the technology and its derived information.

This project will focus on creating a rapid, deep, and commercially valuable assessment of a focused selection of end-user needs for EO, and more broadly for space technology. It aims to identify and prioritise interest in a set of problem areas spanning current and emerging issues with water in Australia, as well as in the  Agriculture and Mining industries.


This project is being conducted on behalf of, and in collaboration with, the SmartSatCRC (SSCRC), Geoscience Australia and the CSIRO.

The Solution

The purpose of this project is to determine the highest impact, economically viable benefits from EO to end user communities across Australia, define a suite of commercially valuable problems to solve, and identify user companies. Therefore, the research is engagement based.

Stakeholder engagement is being conducted via conversations, online workshops, and an online survey to garner a deeper understanding of the water-related challenges where EO could potentially be part of the solution. Engagement will involve the SSCRC end-user groups but extend much wider with regard to industry engagement, and cover SSCRC target markets. The focus will be on uncovering user/commercial needs, requirements and unsolved critical problems that can be addressed with EO and space-related technologies; as well as validating previous problem areas identified in EO economic value reports from the past five years. Finally, this work will also provide an opportunity to educate user segments regarding the future possibilities made available because of space-based technologies.

The project will target several markets and areas of interest, in alignment with SSCRC key application sectors and identified priorities, including: agriculture, water, mining, and a specific scope of work in collaboration with CSIRO for the AquaWatch Phase 0 project.

The three key outputs will be:

  1. Defined, valuable problems
  2. Commercial pathways
  3. Uplift of industry capability (long term)

This project will establish foundational end user and commercial insights to better understand current and future valuable research and new service opportunities for the space sector, with a focus on Earth observation. It will create a foundational understanding of some critical problems that require space-based EO technology to solve problems, recommend approaches to solve these problems, and provide some deeper commercial due diligence on specific opportunities that are aligned to the SSCRC strategy and partner capabilities; for example, a deep understanding of the drivers and commercial opportunity surrounding water in Australia. This will give SSCRC and their university, government and private sector partners, the confidence to invest in specific research and technology problems that are connected to real market needs.

In addition, the project will indirectly create increased end user awareness of what space-related technologies can do to solve pressing and urgent problems in many areas of the Australian economy, in addition to creating and building trusted relationships with key stakeholders in such areas and markets. This will not only increase the end user engagement and involvement in SSCRC projects, but through these and the delivery of successful innovations and outcomes to users, develop an increased willingness to pay, and further willingness to invest at a larger scale (i.e., space missions).


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