Digital Earth Africa

Digital Earth Africa exists to improve the lives of people across the African continent by translating Earth observations into insights that will support sustainable development.

The Digital Earth Africa platform and services enable African governments, industry and decision makers to track changes across the continent in unprecedented detail. This provides valuable insights for better decision making across many areas, including flooding, drought, soil and coastal erosion, agriculture, forest cover, land use and land cover change, water availability and quality, and changes to human settlements.

Digital Earth Africa Zanzibar mangroves project receives recognition at GEO Week 2022

At GEO Week 2022, Digital Earth Africa won a Sustainable Development Goal Award for Climate Action for the project “How data and community can save Zanzibar’s mangroves”. This project was led by Khairiya Masoud, Raya Ahmada and Massoud Hamad fromĀ the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA). Digital Earth Africa Capacity Development Lead, Dr. Kenneth Mubea, worked closely with the research team at SUZA to see this project to fruition. Watch the video below to learn more.

FrontierSI’s Contribution

The following projects were developed and facilitated by FrontierSI’s Digital Earth Africa team:

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