Open Data Cube Community Support

The Open Data Cube (ODC) is the open source technology that underpins Digital Earth Australia. Arising from the need to better manage and analyse satellite data it has now evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing. ODC will always be 100 per cent open source software, free for all to use and released under the liberal terms of the Apache 2.0.

As the international ODC continued to grow and mature, resources beyond the DEA team were required for community management, engagement and support. Geoscience Australia approached us to manage a large part of the engagement work, to grow ODC and make it accessible to a wider subset of the community. The breadth of our network means we have leaders from government, industry and academia in our corner, couple this with our technical project management, open source software knowledge and light-touch governance processes and it is the perfect combination for the technical and non-technical growth of the ODC. We have further engaged Analytical Mechanics Associates and Symbios for technical work on the ODC.

The objective of the ODC is to increase the impact of satellite data by providing an open and freely accessible exploitation tool, and to foster a community to develop, sustain, and grow the breadth and depth of applications. This solution intends to support building the capacity of users to apply Earth Observation satellite data and to support global priority agendas, such as those found in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris and Sendai Agreements.

Further information about the ODC can be found here.