Positioning Projects

Autonomous vehicles, consumer robotics, machine automation and drone-based parcel delivery are just some technologies that explicitly rely on a knowledge of where. Consumers, and businesses alike, will increasingly depend on instant, 3D, fit-for-purpose location information, with certified accuracy and integrity. Robust, reliable, ubiquitous positioning is becoming a fundamental element to our spatially dependent world. This future will require us to exploit the benefits of global and regional navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

Working with our partners, we will play a lead role in providing Australia and New Zealand with precise position information – anywhere, anytime. Our positioning program will conduct user-driven research to expand the capability, usability and functionality of multi-system, multi-sensor positioning infrastructure to realise our vision of “GNSS… and beyond.”


  • Gain deep practical and theoretical understanding of the characteristics and capabilities of emerging positioning technologies – including measurement principles, error sources, error mitigation techniques and system performance.
  • Build efficient and robust methods for multi-system and multi-sensor integration – including new mathematical and stochastic models.
  • Develop methods to determine and deliver real-time 3D quality indicators to ensure integrity of positioning.
  • Run field trials to validate and demonstrate performance of new solutions in real-world settings – including those outside traditional application domains.