Built Environment & Smart Cities Projects

In the coming decades, significant population growth and urbanisation across Australia and New Zealand will put unprecedented pressure on our cities. Traditional approaches to urban planning and renewal will not suffice. We need insightful and sophisticated ways to better understand and accommodate the needs of an expanding and highly urbanised population. Issues such as traffic congestion, infrastructure renewal, public transport availability, affordable housing, provision of green space and impacts on population health all need to be factored into the design of modern cities.

Intelligently combining real-time data about individuals, the environment and focussing on the question of “where” inform smart, sustainable cities. Where should we build a new hospital? Where are the opportunities to connect transport networks? Where will existing infrastructure fail? Where will crime most likely occur? Where will negative health impacts be felt?


Identify and scope major technical barriers to urban renewal

  • Work across sectors and with related disciplines to understand data needs
  • Unlock diverse data holdings from disparate sources
  • Develop new modelling and spatial analytics tools to address identified barriers
  • Engage stakeholders to validate, refine and utilise new data and tools