Our government, university and industry partners have been involved in over 200 projects since our inception.

Through FrontierSI research, our industry partners have grown their service offerings, developed new applications and created new businesses, our government partners have developed and implemented new policy and greatly improved their service delivery, and our university partners have delivered excellent applied research, trained the next generation of high quality researchers, enhanced their reputations by building new partnerships with industry and government.

Partner Benefits

There are many benefits to partnering with FrontierSI. To the right, we have listed a few.

research project participation
  • Access two-page research proposals prior to finalisation and have the opportunity to join a project
  • Receive project funding
  • Receive funding for Ph.D. and master’s students within FrontierSI projects
  • Opportunity to lead projects
Brand & Networking
Utilisation & Commercialisation
Governance & Strategy
Joint commercial activities
Technology Readiness Levels

Frontier SI Impact



Career Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for a range of technical and management roles. Working at the interface between research, government and industry, you will ensure our partners work together on useful applied research and technology outcomes. We provide the connection point and a collaborative framework that allows multiple organisations to come together and solve shared challenges. If you are a curious, collaborative and forward-thinking professional, who enjoys solving interesting problems and communicating results to a varied audience, then please connect with us here.