We have committed to a new strategy

We exist to solve problems faced by Australia and New Zealand through collaborative research and innovation. We are differentiated by our leadership in industry, our delivery of high impact space and spatial solutions and the adoption of outcomes we co-create, our enduring partnerships and our high-quality people.

Our position is between research and implementation to help innovative ideas become real world products and services. We drive and facilitate the adoption of space and spatial technology to maximise the impact these have on our society. We are sought out for our independent advice, big picture perspective, unique knowledge, networks and high-quality delivery of science and technical outcomes.

Our purpose is to anticipate and solve large problems using our space and spatial expertise and our vision for five years from now is to be the lead social enterprise in Australia and New Zealand driving location-based innovation. To achieve this vision, we aim to grow in terms of size, partnerships and impact.

FrontierSI’s greater future impact and growth over the next five years will be through:

  • A stronger role in spatial innovation and advisory with government, and the application of spatial to key industry sectors.
  • Assisting government and industry in their investment in new space capability and the growth of the Australian and New Zealand space industries.

A three-part approach is planned:

  1. Develop further core spatial capabilities and services for current partners.
  2. Build adjacencies in services to current partners and similar capabilities to new partners; and
  3. Formulate large transformational initiatives to solve identified problems.

Through this approach we will continue to address the research and innovation needs of our partners in spatial, we will broaden the use of spatial data industry and the community, enable the growth of a space industry and the optimised use of data throughout, all the while achieving our purpose.

It is anticipated that our team and partnerships will steadily grow over time to meet the growing needs of (1) and (2). However, it is expected that investment in (3) will require a step change in thinking and approach, as these initiatives will result in either sustained long term programs of work or separate enduring initiatives for FrontierSI.

Our business plan charts the course to implement our new strategy and solve large problems using our spatial expertise. We will do this by providing the leadership, connections, partner ecosystem and expertise to build industry capability, and deliver innovative, high-impact solutions to complex challenges.

FrontierSI Strategy 2023-2028

To learn more about FrontierSI, download our 2021-22 Year in Summary here.