SmartSat CRC UK Space Bridge CalVal

Prospects for collaboration between UK and Australian organisations and companies in EO calibration and validation.

The Challenge

The British and Australian space programmes both contain ambition for the respective countries to play a role in assurance of future high quality EO data products, including through the provision of world-leading calibration and validation infrastructure and services. Australia has defined the concept of a national facility called Auscalval and seeks international partners and clients for its realisation. This project explored opportunities for collaboration between the United Kingdom and Australia, focused on the calibration and validation aspects of EO satellite missions, and seek to identify commercial opportunities and specific projects for follow-up.   


The project lead organisation was Symbios Communications with participating organisations including Assimila Ltd (UK) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL, UK).  


The primary outcome of the project was to establish a well-informed outlook as to prospects for collaboration between UK and Australian organisations and companies in the area of EO calibration and validation, including the identification of promising commercial opportunities for further joint exploration and development.  

The objectives were to: 

  • Provide an updated overview of the cal-val facilities, capabilities, activities and plans of both countries 
  • Establish a clear picture of the main actors in both government and industry in each country and to bring them together to establish new relationships, new awareness and understanding and to define new opportunities 
  • Identify and progress cal-val related opportunities in support of our respective major national and international satellite missions, including BIOMASS, Aquawatch, SCR and TRUTHS and consider strategic collaboration possibilities  
  • Identify and progress possible commercial opportunities, including in relation to an expansion of the Auscalval and SmartSatCRC EO Testbed concepts to include UK capabilities and the promotion of commercial services involving companies from both countries 

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Quality assurance is essential for satellite operators to produce information to demonstrate their data are fit for use. This builds trust, increases user confidence in the accuracy and reliability of satellite EO, improves weather forecasts, and can drive growth in the global market for spatial information. The project is an enabling step for realisation of the Auscalval concept, emerging as a national EO priority for Australia. It is envisioned that the work can benefit the national projects of Auscalval, SCR, Aquawatch, TRUTHS and BIOMASS and the SmartSatCRC EO Testbed project.  


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