Precise Positioning

Robust, reliable and precise positioning has never been more important. The CRCSI’s Positioning Program has been delivering applied research for over a decade in support of the National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI).

Our research has addressed major technical challenges, the solution of which will allow delivery of 2-5cm 3D positioning in real time anywhere outdoors using the six global and regional navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, NAVIC). Several world firsts have been achieved by our research teams including using an Australian-generated, QZSS-delivered correction message to guide Australia’s first fully autonomous robotic tractor in real time, and the development of a novel approach to PPP-RTK (Precise-Point-Positioning and Real-Time-Kinematics), reducing dependence on expensive ground infrastructure.

The Positioning Program’s principal outcome is the Analysis Centre Software (ACS), providing the computational heart of the NPI and delivering the outputs needed to support real-time, quality-assured positioning to users nation wide. The NPI and ACS together will drive innovation and deliver broad cross-sectoral benefits to a range of industries, including the fledgling autonomous vehicle sector and the ever-growing consumer market. The NPI has been estimated to deliver at least $78b of benefits to Australia. It was the CRCSI who first conceived the idea of a nationwide integrated precise positioning framework back in 2008. This subsequently became known as the NPI and has since been led by Geoscience Australia.