AusSeabed Survey Coordination Tool (SCT)

AusSeabed is a national seabed mapping coordination program aimed at improving the awareness, coverage, quality, discoverability and accessibility of seabed mapping data through coordination and collaboration in the Australian region.

The program aims to serve the Australian community that relies on seabed data by coordinating collection efforts in Australian waters and improving data access. The AusSeabed program is a national collaborative initiative led by Geoscience Australia, but operated by Commonwealth, State and Territory entities, universities and industry; it is open to all interested parties. In the spirit of “collect once, use many times”, AusSeabed provides an open collaboration space where data creators and users can better connect to develop initiatives and products that will improve the quality, discoverability and accessibility of seabed mapping data.

The online service allows users to enter their upcoming survey layers and publish them to the AusSeabed portal. The tool also has the functionality to generate HIPP Requests and allow users to update state and national priority areas. Access the AusSeabed Survey Coordination Tool

If you would like to know more or would like to register as a user, email your query and/or request to