Dr Nathan Quadros

After nine years with FrontierSI (and the CRC for Spatial Information, ‘CRCSI‘) we bid farewell to Dr Nathan Quadros.

Through his time with us, Nathan has significantly influenced the direction and impact of FrontierSI and its partners across a number of roles. Nathan joined us as a Research Fellow, leading the development of data standards and quality assurance work with airborne LiDAR data, delivering frameworks and software that is operational to this day.  Nathan led our ‘mapping exposure to sea level rise in the Pacific’ project for which we shared a United Nations Lighthouse award in 2015 and a peak Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award in 2016.

Through his next role as a Research Program Manager, Nathan pivoted one of our research programs, creating the Rapid Spatial Analytics program for the CRCSI in 2015. This program tested a range of innovative new concepts, and has led to a number of successfully delivered AI-based analytics projects.

Nathan progressed to an Executive role as Chief Commercial Officer in early 2018 and in this role he successfully guided the business development through the transition, creating a stable and growing project and partnership portfolio for FrontierSI.

Nathan will leave an enduring legacy on the culture, practices and sustainability of FrontierSI, and more importantly a significant contribution to growing the size and impact of the spatial industry across Australia and New Zealand. We would like to thank Nathan for his dedication, tireless optimism, thought leadership and sound guidance, and offer our best wishes to him in his future endeavours.