FrontierSI Triumphs at 2023 Geospatial Excellence Awards

FrontierSI wins ACT Innovation Award and International Partnership Award

Anna Riddell, CEO at Geoscience Australia, accepts the ACT Innovation Award for Ginan.

FrontierSI has received two prestigious awards at the 2023 Geospatial Excellence Awards. These awards recognize FrontierSI’s commitment to delivering excellence in innovation, collaboration, and diversity within the geospatial industry.

ACT Innovation Award for Ginan

FrontierSI, Geoscience Australia, ISG (Industrial Sciences Group), Curtin University, University of Newcastle and RMIT University received the ACT Innovation Award for Ginan. This award demonstrates the power of collaboration when translating cutting-edge research into an open-source software product. Ginan has been designed from the ground up as a state-of-the-art GNSS analysis toolkit, offering users a platform to develop innovative precise positioning applications for all sectors of industry. Ginan is now available for free from Geoscience Australia.

International Partnership Award for Earth Observation for Climate Smart Innovation

FrontierSI, alongside CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, and Symbios Communications, secured the International Partnership Award for Earth Observation for Climate Smart Innovation. This accolade acknowledges the efforts by our team to grow the use of earth observation analytics in Asia. The collaboration has helped raise awareness of how satellite-based earth observation can be better used to address challenges such as climate change monitoring and improve decision-making for planning development.

Diversity and Inclusion Award for Lavender Liu

Lavender wins Diversity and Inclusion Award and Future Leader of the Year Award

Lavender wins Diversity and Inclusion Award and Future Leader of the Year Award

Lavender Liu, an Earth Observation Data Scientist at FrontierSI, received the Diversity and Inclusion Award. Lavender’s outstanding technical leadership, mentorship, and contributions to user-centered projects have played a pivotal role in fostering a more inclusive and diverse geospatial community. The judges said that Lavender was a terrific role model and anticipate her continued impact in the coming years.

Future Leader of the Year Award for Lavender Liu

In addition to the Diversity and Inclusion Award, Lavender secured the Future Leader of the Year Award. A Chinese Australian, Lavender combines remarkable technical expertise with strong leadership skills, dedicating her career to leveraging Earth Observation data for solving real-world problems, especially in environmental monitoring. Lavender’s journey from a full scholarship PhD at UNSW to her current role as an Earth Observation Data Scientist at FrontierSI showcases her rapid progression and strong leadership.

“I really enjoy applying my skills in remote sensing and data analysis to solve various real-world problems and feel so lucky to be supported by the people around me and the bigger geospatial community!”- Lavender

The judges commended Lavender’s wealth of knowledge and leadership capabilities as an outstanding geospatial professional who will continue to achieve great things.

“These awards are testament to the work our team and partners have put in to ensure we are building collaborations that deliver impactful solutions. It’s extremely gratifying to see their efforts and contributions to growing the industry recognised.”  – Graeme Kernich, CEO, FrontierSI

FrontierSI’s dedication to delivering exceptional solutions is matched only by our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation across every facet of our business. With great enthusiasm, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming chapter, ready to collaborate and forge ahead, making an indelible impact on the industry.

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Image source: Geospatial Council of Australia