METS and Mining Webinar Wednesday April 8, 2020


On Wednesday April 8 2020, FrontierSI facilitated an online Earth Observation (EO) webinar and workshop which focused on what is possible with EO in the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) and Mining sector, and included an interactive component using digital collaboration tools to explore how EO can be applied to solve METS and Mining challenges.

The purpose of the webinar was to showcase what can be done with EO in METS and mining through industry case studies presented by technology and service providers, and what support and assistance to use EO is accessible through the Digital Earth Australia program. It trialed a range of new and innovative engagement techniques to maximise the digital collaboration required during the uncertain disruption time as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar was ideal for anyone wondering how to understand and assess the benefits of the current local and global capabilities of Earth Observation. Covering both free and commercial options, the workshop focused on what it is possible with EO data across the mining life cycle and value chain to improve prospecting, operations and mine closure. Accessing the recorded webinar will also be of value if you simply want to build your own knowledge base to identify the technology companies you should be working with to solve mining-related problems with EO data.


To help users and non-users of EO understand how it can be used to improve prospecting, operations and mine closure with an emphasis on Geoscience Australia’s freely available Digital Earth Australia (DEA) satellite imagery and data products.


  • Identify new technology solutions which can directly help your business;
  • Understand emerging trends in space and EO technology;
  • Upskilling in new technology capabilities that can grow the METS sector;
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers;
  • Discussion of accessing and using Geoscience Australia’s free DEA platform.


  • What is possible with Earth Observation ?
  • What is Digital Earth Australia ?
  • Case studies which show how METS and Mining companies can use EO;
  • What challenges could EO help me solve?
  • An EO case study;
  • An interactive component using digital collaboration tools around How could I use Earth observation to add value to my operations? ;
  • The tools available through Digital Earth Australia to help.

Watch and/or download the webinar here via Dropbox (.mp4, 262MB).

For more information on this webinar and workshop, and any enquiries regarding future workshops, please contact Brendon McAtee at

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