GEO for Good in Action with EO Data Science


In late 2019, the Director of Google Earth Engine, Rebecca Moore, Director Secretariat of GEO, Gilberto Camara and Executive Director of EO Data Science & NGIS, Nathan Eaton, announced the USD $3 million GEO-GEE program which aims to bridge the gap between science and application of projects that aim to enact positive environmental change with the use of Earth Observation technologies.

Over the past 12 months, the project teams that successfully gained entry to the program have been working to drive significant social change in line with the Sendai Framework for disaster risk reduction, The Paris Agreement (UNFCCC COP21) and The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

EO Data Science continues to provide up to $1 million USD of in-kind technical support and outreach services to GEO member countries in the program and created the #GEEImpact campaign to get the community thinking about more ways we could be using Google Earth Engine to make a positive difference in the world.

To date, the EO Data Science team has published 18 case studies highlighting the good work being done by the program’s project teams. The projects address issues such as climate change, urbanisation, food scarcity, marine habitat protection and more.

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