APSEA Awards – 2022 Nominations

May 11, 2023

FrontierSI wins JK Barrie Award for Overall Excellence!


The “5G Precise Positioning Test bed (demonstrating the economic benefits of 5G)” was announced as the winner of the Oceanic Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) in the International Partnership category, as well as the J.K. Barrie award for Overall Excellence! This is the industry’s most prestigious award.

The J.K Barrie Award recognises Keith Barrie’s selfless contribution to the professional and business communities, and represents the highest pinnacle of spatial achievement that the judging panel can confer on recipients.

The 5G Precise Positioning Test bed was a joint project between FrontierSI Ericsson Optus GMV Platfarm Position Partners Kondinin and ACIL Allen. To learn more about this exciting and innovative project click here.


Other APSEA Awards Presented to FrontierSI

Award for Innovation – Medium to Large Business
Project: Value Australia
Project Partners: UNSWOMNILINKCommonwealth Bank, NSW Government, Liverpool City Council, and Slate Analytics.
Access project: https://frontiersi.com.au/value-australia/

Award for Environment and Sustainability
Project: SIGWater
Project Partners: SmartSat CRCMyriotaUniversity of South AustraliaNGIS, and SA Government
Access project: https://frontiersi.com.au/project/sig-water/

Award for International Partnership
Project: 5G Precise Positioning
Project Partners: EricssonOptusGMVPlatfarmPosition Partners, Kondinin, and ACIL Allen
Access project: https://frontiersi.com.au/project/5g-positioning-testbed/


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