COVID-19 Resource Centre

To assist our partners, colleagues and the spatial industry as a collective, we have created a COVID-19 Resource Centre, bringing together several dashboards and COVID-19 related content from across the globe. As a worldwide pandemic, the number of affected countries, people, deaths, and recoveries related to the virus is changing daily. Most of the countries affected have already generated useful resources. Following you will find a list of several reputable COVID-19 dashboards, maps, research papers and other resources which we have collated in one easy-to-access portal.

  • Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering  Coronavirus resource centre – this dashboard has an elegant design and reports the basic statistics of the pandemic.
  • The Value Australia Property Market Dashboard Live Site – developed by UNSW in collaboration with FrontierSI – by integrating research, significant data assets and using state-of-the-art analytics and artificial intelligence, this dashboard deliver secure digital valuation models and tools covering a broad range of land and property types across Australia and overseas.
  • Index of Global Applications related to COVID-19 – Index of apps related to COVID-19 created by GIS users across the world and curated by Esri Disaster Response Program. Examples include dashboards, hub sites, and other applications.
  • WHO COVID-19 Pandemic dashboardCOVID-19 Situation Reported by the WHO website, this dashboard shows the latest statistics of the pandemic for countries and regions.
  • The Live Status of COVID-19 in Australia – COVID-19 in Australia: Real-Time Report – developed by a volunteer team from the Faculty of IT at Monash University, this dashboard shows the latest status of COVID-19 in Australia. This site presents tweets and news about COVID-19, location of hospitals or COVID-19 assessment centres, and flights to Australia with confirmed cases. @COVID_Australia uses the data from this website to tweet the latest news about COVID-19 in Australia.
  • Victorian state government dashboard – COVID-19 in Victoria – specific to Victoria, this is one of the few dashboards that reports statistics by sex and age group and also shows mode of acquisition.
  • Open source COVID-19 dashboard – COVID-19 Dashboards – the website lists a collection of graphs and dashboards based on John Hopkins COVID-19 Data Repository (refer above).
  • COVID-19 Global Cases – Open Source Version – an open source dashboard that uses John Hopkins COVID-19 Data (refer above). There’s a great time lapse of the spread of the disease across the globe. There is also a blog post about this dashboard describing the data, technology  and resources to help people create their own region-specific dashboards.
  • Australian government, Department of Health COVID-19 resource page – COVID-19 resources – this collection includes fact sheets for the general public and industry about COVID-19.
  • Australian government, Department of Health COVID-19 current situation and case numbers – current situation and case numbers – updated data and overviews of cases in Australia with simple plots and tables.
  • COVID-19 in Australia – produced by journalist Juliette O’Brien and facilitated by volunteers, this site describes COVID-19 situation in Australia. Travel-related transmissions over timetransmission sources and the description of the affected people in Australia are some of the interesting points of this report.
  • COVID-19 Situation update worldwide by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control – Situation update worldwide – provides updated report using simple tables and plots and daily data is available for download.
  • Google page on COVID-19 – COVID-19 information and resources
  • The Lancet resource page – COVID-19 Resource Center – a valuable list of new 2019 novel COVID-19 content from across The Lancet journals.
  • COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) – CORD-19 – distributed Centre for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) and Allen Institute for AI, partnered with other research groups, CORD-19 is a free, open resource for the global AI community. The Dataset contains more than 44,000 articles in JSON format about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses. It represents the most extensive machine-readable coronavirus literature collection available for data and text mining to date. CORD-19 contains 29,000 full-text articles with a wealth of information about the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the associated illness COVID-19, and related viruses.
  • GEOSS Portal (Group on Earth Observations) – a great dashboard collating a selection of COVID-19 sites from across the globe.
  • Best practice for identifiers (UK Geospatial Commission) – this ‘Linked Identifiers best practice guide’ shows how to apply identifiers that makes it easier for users to join geospatial or any data together.


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