CRCSI: a legacy of achievement

Almost twelve months on from the wind-up of the Australia and New Zealand Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, we would like to reflect on some of our significant achievements.

The CRCSI transformed the industrial, economic and social landscape of Australia and New Zealand through its leadership in the delivery and use of spatial information and data.

Through its partners, CRCSI changed the way data was acquired, managed and made accessible, which has led to improvements in the operations of many facets of society and the economy, from transport and energy infrastructure to health services, environmental management systems and much more.

In effect, CRCSI put Australia and New Zealand at the forefront of many of the technologies that are laying the foundations of the 21st century.

The focus of the CRCSI was to develop a collaborative research environment that could build the teams and access the expertise needed to tackle the big, cross-sectoral spatial research challenges that underpin infrastructure development in today and tomorrow’s digital economies. The CRCSI built effective collaborations among some 500 specialists drawn from over 120 partnering organisations.

The CRCSI delivered around $1.07 billion in benefits arising directly from its research and development outputs. This represents a direct benefits ratio of 3.13 to 1 on data independently assessed by the CRC Program guidelines administered by the Australian Government. The CRCSI completed 200 projects, a small selection of which are summarised here to illustrate some significant achievements.

CRCSI: A legacy of achievement.