Defence Trailblazer

FrontierSI is excited to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement with UNSW and University of Adelaide for the Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability.

The program will provide the impetus and financial capital to create a novel, ambitious innovation engine where organisations, governance, structure, focus, talent, culture and aligned incentives drive innovation at scale through the whole research translation pipeline. It will encourage, enable and implement research, translation, commercialisation and workplace upskilling. It will also ensure that in the future, more of the defence budget is spent in Australia on technology developed by Australians and commercialised through Australian companies and prime Australian-international partnerships.

About the Initiative

Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability is part of the Australian Government’s overarching Universities Trailblazer Program, which aims to build new research capabilities and drive commercialisation in priority areas identified in the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. As part of the program, six Trailblazer Universities have been selected to solve problems of national significance to Australia’s future security and economic growth.

Partnering with over 35 industry partners, Defence Trailblazer aims to strengthen Australia’s defence capabilities by developing new defence technologies and supporting career paths within the industry. This will be achieved with a $240M total investment over 4 years, incorporating a government commitment of $50 million, matched by the university partnership, plus an additional $140 million contribution by our industry partners.

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