FrontierSI & EARSC – International Market Opportunities



FrontierSI is collaborating with the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) on a project focused on the internationalisation of Earth observation markets for European and Australian SMEs under a European Union-funded project called ConnectEO


The ConnectEO project has assembled a cohort of European SMEs with particular interest in the Australian agriculture and maritime industries. The project is developing a marketplace where the European Union (EU) and Australian Earth observation (EO) companies can connect and initiate business-to-business relationships, with the aim of building increased collaboration between the European and Australian industries.

To further facilitate building EU-Australia business collaboration, ConnectEO will facilitate EU and Australian SMEs working in the maritime and agriculture sector to construct joint bids for funding into future European Commission Horizon calls.

To learn more about collaborating with EU SMEs via the ConnectEO consortium, visit, where you can also sign up to the marketplace and meet the EU SMEs.

There will be an information session on how to be involved in future EU commission funding calls with EU partners, facilitated by ConnectEO on Monday March 14 2022 at 7pm AEDT.

To register your interest for the information session, or for questions regarding the collaboration and introduction process with EU SMEs through the ConnectEO  program, email the ConnectEO Front Office in Australia at .