Roames – Powerline Asset Mapping

What started out as an exploratory project between Queensland University of Technology and Ergon Energy, led by the CRCSI, is now a globally available technology.

Research to develop and validate an optimised flight path planning and control system has delivered reduced fuel costs, increased pilot safety and enabled significant supply chain efficiencies. The ROAMES system (Remote Observation Automated Modelling Economic  Simulation) was developed to allow safe, accurate and efficient capture of imagery and LiDAR data over 150,000km of Ergon Energy’s electricity network every year. ROAMES now provides high quality visualisation and analytical intelligence to unlock vital information about the condition of critical powerline infrastructure. This information has, for example, reduced vegetation management costs by around $40m per year.

In 2015, Ergon Energy was awarded the Edison Electric Institute’s International Edison Award for its leadership of the ROAMES project. A private company was spun out from Ergon to market and further develop the ROAMES capability across Australia and internationally.

Review the Engagement and Impact Study (2018) by Queensland University of Technology

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