Planning To Benefit From Earth Observation (Report)

October 2022

The opportunities for Earth observation (EO) data to drive improved planning outcomes and efficiencies within Australia’s urban planning industry are extensive. Its potential as evidence for decision making is transformative, there are significant operational efficiencies to be gained, and it can benefit the entire cohort of professionals who work to plan, design, and construct our future cities.

However, there is currently a gap in knowledge and awareness between technology providers and potential users which inhibits adoption of EO-derived knowledge and applications. This report is a step towards bridging this gap and encouraging urban planning and EO professionals to explore together the new opportunities which EO data and analytics make possible. We welcome planners, communities, businesses, educators, innovators, and individuals into this conversation, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Ensuring that Australian cities retain high levels of liveability is clearly an imperative which is reflected in recent state and national government planning policies.

Opportunities for the growth of EO in the urban planning industry include:

  • Expand access to EO across the urban planning value chain.
  • Significant opportunities exist to inform the design of future cities.
  • EO can help to enable capital to flow.
  • Increasing use of AI and ML with EO unlocks new possibilities for automation of processes.
  • Urban analytics providers are beginning to utlise EO.
  • EO can be a core part of digital transformation and automation.
What the sector has to say

According to planners and researchers, current modelling technology and frameworks around future flood risk are “not yet fit for purpose”, with research showing that current rainfall models need to be updated to account for climate change. Read more in The Urban Developer.


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