SBAS-Compatible Equipment and DIY Receiver

SBAS-Compatible Equipment

Please note that the list below is not complete and there may be SBAS-compatible equipment that is not mentioned. We encourage you to check with your equipment manufacturer whether your device is SBAS-compatible, and whether a firmware for PRN 122 has been released.

SBAS Capable Equipment
Category Name Description
1 Consumer < $100 – consumer grade chips, mobile phones, IoT, trackers, etc.
2 Mid-range $100-$3,000 – GIS, mapping, forestry, robotics etc.
3 Professional > $3,000 – geodetic, surveying, high-precision applications
GNSS Equipment Suppliers
Equipment Equipment Category SBAS Compatibility Website
EOS Mid-range, Professional L1
ComNav Mid-range L1
Hemisphere Mid-range, Professional L1
JAVAD Professional L1
Juniper Systems Mid-range L1
Novatel Professional L1
NavSim Professional L1
Septentrio Professional L1, DFMC
SkyTraq Consumer L1
Trimble Professional L1
uBlox Consumer, Mid-range L1
Getting started

To get started building your own low-cost SBAS Receiver, download the Receiver documentation package below, and read through the included build guide and licensing information.

Please note: this receiver design is licensed under the CERN OHL v. 1.2. FrontierSI claims no affiliation with the creators and distributors of any of the listed components, which were selected for their availability and relatively low-cost.

If you would like to modify and reproduce the SBAS Receiver build documentation, you can find a copy of the package including all source images below: