SBAS History

History of the SBAS Programme

Australia first investigated the merits of SBAS in 2011, and New Zealand in 2014. Both studies had a focus solely on aviation use. By 2016, another concerted Australian effort was made, this time covering multiple industry sectors, representing a much wider segment of the economy. As a result, a two year SBAS test-bed was funded with the goal of demonstrating the economic benefits that SBAS would bring to both countries.

In early 2017 the governments of Australia and New Zealand agreed to fund a two year test-bed to evaluate the benefits of an SBAS technology across a number of industry sectors in the region. The highly-successful test-bed ran from 2017 to 2019 and built the case for the governments of both countries to fund an operational SBAS.

Following the SBAS Test-bed Demonstrator Trial, Geoscience Australia produced a suite of informative videos on the Positioning Australia Program, and how the SBAS applies specifically to the agriculture, road, and construction industries. You can view three of these videos below, or access more on the Geoscience YouTube channel: