Vietnam Earth Observation

Fostering Linkages Between Australian and Vietnamese Geospatial Industries.  

The Challenge

Vietnam faces many challenges as it seeks to grow its geospatial sector. The objective of this project was to support Vietnam in the development of its public and private sector Earth observation (EO) services industry by fostering linkages between the Australia and Vietnamese EO/geospatial industries and building the capacity of the Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC) to effectively engage the private sector.  


Project partners included Symbios Communications on behalf of CSIRO and Department of Foreign affairs and Trade. 

The Solution

Linkages were established between Australian and Vietnamese geospatial industry players through stakeholder mapping and user needs assessment, followed by the organisation and facilitation of three workshops between research institutions, private companies, and governmental agencies from Vietnam and Australia. The three workshop themes were: Agriculture and Forestry, Water and Disasters, and Urban Planning and Infrastructure.  A sustainability plan was then developed, identifying avenues for VNSC to engage with private industry and internationally on an ongoing basis. 


The Australian Government has a long-running programme of activities to support and collaborate with the VNSC and the development of its domestic sector around the effective exploitation of EO data for societal benefit and economic growth. VNSC has a very capable and ambitious leadership that has been effectively developing both domestic and international relationships to advance the vision of national EO satellites and data and information systems to work in service of Vietnamese society. However, Vietnam still faces many challenges as it seeks to grow its geospatial sector. This work helped to overcome some of those challenges and identify measures for the Australian Government to support the further development of the Vietnamese geospatial industry and foster linkages with Australian organisations. 


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