Change Detection

FrontierSI led the implementation of a proof of concept system on behalf of its partners to research and develop innovative algorithms and effective ways to use high-resolution, high-frequency satellite images of Queensland, for the detection of changes in the landscape. It aimed to deliver a state-wide land change detection system using a whole-state image mosaic of Planet Labs imagery available to the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines, and Energy (DNRME). It was designed to test a prototype system to evaluate the operational needs of DNRME and Queensland Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) with a notification system for land changes. The notification system aims to detect change exceeding specified thresholds, for example, given the area of a land parcel, detect changes exceeding 20 per cent.

FrontierSI coordinated several organisations to build and test the outcomes: Queensland University of Technology, QLD DNRME, QLD EHP, QLD DSITI and the University of Queensland.

The intended impacts of the project include:

  • Improved operational capabilities by DNRME and EHP
  • Improved responsiveness to vegetation clearing by the Queensland Government
  • Proactive landholder engagement to identify vegetation changes as they are happening, rather than months after clearing has occurred
  • New algorithms and tools for change detection in high-resolution satellite images, with the potential for these to be applied to other application areas.


The next step will be to take the current prototype and develop it into an operational system.