NRM Spatial Hub

The NRM Spatial Hub allows graziers and land managers to map, plan, analyse and monitor farm infrastructure, pasture conditions and ground cover to improve land and natural resource management.

This can occur at paddock-scale or across an entire property using the most recent satellite imagery, along with 30 years of historical Landsat records. Data is processed online and delivered to the farmer within 30 seconds of the request using low  bandwidth communications. A survey of property managers currently using the NRM Hub identified the following benefits:

  • Improves productivity, profitability and sustainability (95% of respondents)
  • Saves 10-30 labour days a year (50%)
  • Increases safe carrying capacity of livestock (75%)
  • Enhances business viability and sustainability (72%)

In 2017, the NRM Hub was spun out as a separate business, FarmMap Australia. It currently has over 800 subscribers representing 60 million hectares of grazing property across Australia.